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Audit Reports

Improve Service Delivery

SSA has serviced millions of customers annually through face-to-face service at its field offices, calls to its national 800-number, and its online applications. The COVID-19 pandemic greatly curtailed in-person field office service, placing greater stress on other service methods. Also, SSA faces a challenge in its ability to provide service because of expected retirements of experienced employees. Finally, impersonation scams, where fraudsters impersonate SSA employees to trick people into providing personal information or money, have eroded the public’s trust, and made it harder for SSA to serve its customers.

Our Audit reports may contain sensitive and confidential information requiring safeguarding or limited disclosure consistent with law, regulations and Government-wide policies. Previously, we limited the distribution of reports containing this type of information. We now redact that specific information to allow maximum distribution of all reports.

Lump-sum Death Benefit

July 01, 2016
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