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Published Reports from the Office of Audit - page 35

Title Number Report Issued
Social Security Administration Controls over the Taxation and Suspension of Payments to Foreign Beneficiaries A-14-03-23005 March 03, 2004
Review of File Assembly Contracts at Office of Hearings and Appeals A-07-04-24076 March 03, 2004
Single Audit of the State of Georgia for the Fiscal Year Ended June 30, 2002 A-77-04-00007 February 25, 2004
Social Security Funds Held in Dormant Bank Accounts A-02-03-23080 February 18, 2004
Inventory Review at the National Records Center A-07-04-20426 February 18, 2004
Administrative Costs Claimed for the Georgia Disability Adjudication Services A-15-01-11021 February 06, 2004
Single Audit of the State of New Hampshire for the Fiscal Year Ended June 30, 2002 A-77-04-00006 February 04, 2004
Operations of the Office of Hearings and Appeals Megasite A-12-03-13039 February 03, 2004
Current Practices in Electronic Records Authentication A-04-04-24004 February 03, 2004
Controls over the Social Security Administration's Processing Center Action Control System A-14-03-23076 February 03, 2004
Appeals Council Process Improvement Action Plan A-12-02-12015 January 21, 2004
Single Audit of the State of New York for the Fiscal Year Ended March 31, 2002 A-77-04-00005 January 21, 2004
Chicago Regional Office of Hearings and Appeals Claimant Medical Files A-13-04-24045 January 05, 2004
Security Features on the Social Security Card A-08-04-24079 December 18, 2003
Utility of Older Reinstated Wages from the Earnings Suspense File A-03-02-22076 December 17, 2003
The Social Security Administration's Procedures for Enumerating Foreign Students A-05-03-23056 December 17, 2003
Performance Audit of the Social Security Administration's Main Complex Guard Contract A-15-03-23043 December 17, 2003
Fiscal Year 2003 Quick Response Activities Summary Report A-13-04-14055 December 17, 2003
Administrative Costs Claimed by the Colorado Disability Determination Services A-15-03-13044 December 11, 2003
Indirect Costs Claimed by the West Virginia Disability Determination Services A-07-03-23072 December 04, 2003
Single Audit of the State of Colorado for the Fiscal Year Ended June 30, 2002 A-77-04-00004 December 02, 2003
Impact on the Social Security Administration’s Programs When Auxiliary Beneficiaries Have Incorrect Social Security Numbers A-01-03-33020 November 26, 2003
San Francisco Department of Human Services – An Organizational Representative Payee for the Social Security Administration A-09-03-13011 November 19, 2003
Single Audit of the State of California for the Fiscal Year Ended June 30, 2002 A-77-04-00003 November 19, 2003
Operations at the Social Security Administration's Milwaukee, Wisconsin, Office of Hearings and Appeals A-13-03-23091 November 14, 2003
Oversight of the Fiscal Year 2003 Financial Statement Audit A-15-03-13068 November 10, 2003
Inspector General Statement on the Social Security Administration's Major Management Challenges A-02-04-14034 November 06, 2003
Follow-Up Review of Employers with the Most Suspended Wage Items A-03-03-13026 October 30, 2003
Title II Beneficiaries with Military Earnings A-03-04-24049 October 27, 2003
Single Audit of the State of Maryland for the Fiscal Year Ended June 30, 2002 A-77-04-00001 October 23, 2003
Single Audit of the State of Illinois for the Fiscal Year Ended June 30, 2002 A-77-04-00002 October 23, 2003
Suitability of Individuals Acting as Representative Payees A-02-03-13032 October 06, 2003
Administrative Costs Claimed by the New Mexico Disability Determination Services A-06-03-13016 October 02, 2003
Controls Over Supplemental Security Income Replacement Checks A-05-03-13010 September 26, 2003
Administrative Costs Claimed by the Florida Division of Disability Determinations A-08-03-13006 September 25, 2003
Administrative Costs Claimed by the Kentucky Department for Disability Determination Services A-08-03-13007 September 24, 2003
Top Management Challenges—Fiscal Year 2004 A-44-03-23092 September 23, 2003
Audit of the Wilkes-Barre Folder Servicing Operation A-04-03-13040 September 23, 2003
Summary of Single Audit Oversight Activities May 2002 through April 2003 A-07-03-13059 September 23, 2003
Assessment of the Supplemental Security Income Fugitive Felon Project A-01-03-23070 September 05, 2003
Evaluation of Social Security Administration's Compliance with the Federal Information Security Management Act A-14-03-13046 September 05, 2003
Administrative Costs Claimed by the Hawaii Disability Determination Services A-09-03-13012 September 04, 2003
Summary of the Office of the Inspector General’s Reviews of the Social Security Administration’s Performance Data A-02-03-13033 September 03, 2003
Administrative Costs Claimed by the State of Washington Division of Disability Determination Services A-15-02-12025 September 03, 2003
Use of Mental Consultative Examinations by the Wisconsin Disability Determination Bureau A-01-03-23090 August 22, 2003
Effective Use of Encryption Technology to Protect the Social Security Administration's Information Assets (Limited Distribution) A-14-02-12048 August 22, 2003
Use and Misuse of the Social Security Number A-03-03-24048 August 22, 2003
Administrative Costs Claimed by the Illinois Bureau of Disability Determination Services A-05-02-22019 August 18, 2003
President's Council on Integrity and Efficiency Review of Critical Infrastructure Protection Program - Cyber-based Infrastructure (Limited Distribution) A-14-03-23001 August 15, 2003
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