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Published Reports from the Office of Audit - page 42

Title Number Report Issued
Audit of Administrative Costs at the Michigan Disability Determination Service A-05-96-51095 August 14, 1998
Survey Results for Identification of Fugitives Receiving Benefits A-01-98-63002 July 27, 1998
Single Audit of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts A-07-98-52011 July 21, 1998
Use of Official Time for Union Activities at the Social Security Administration A-13-97-72013 July 10, 1998
Evaluation of Partnership Activities at the Social Security Administration A-13-9 8-72023 July 10, 1998
Council 220 Union Representative and Manager Observations on the Use and Management of Official Time at the Social Security Administration A-02-97-72002 July 10, 1998
The Social Security Administration's Internal Controls over Its Time and Attendance Payroll Records A-13-96-01001 July 09, 1998
Inconsistent Beneficiary Entitlement Periods A-09-97-21003 July 02, 1998
Title II Software Redesign Is Overdue A-09-97-11001 June 09, 1998
Supplemental Security Income Underpayments Due Deceased Recipients A-01-97-52006 May 08, 1998
Office of Disability Budgeting Issues A-13-98-72006 April 29, 1998
Supplemental Security Income Stewardship Review A-03-95-02610 April 27, 1998
Performance Measure Audit: Timely Issuance of Social Security Number Cards A-02-97-93003 April 23, 1998
Southwest Tactical Operation Plan: Investigative Results A-06-97-22008 March 31, 1998
The Social Security Administration's 1996 Overtime Settlement Claims under the Fair Labor Standards Act A-13-97-92016 March 27, 1998
Review of the Social Security Administration's Fiscal Year 1996 Annual Report on Continuing Disability Reviews A-01-97-1007 March 18, 1998
Payment of Benefits to Individuals Who Do Not Have Their Own Social Security Number A-04-96-42000 March 13, 1998
Supplemental Security Income Plans for Achieving Self-Support Prepared by For-Profit Organizations A-07-96-61016 February 12, 1998
Southwest Tactical Operations Plan: Demographic Characteristics of Sample Recipients A-06-97-62001 January 20, 1998
Review of the Social Security Administration's Monitoring of Selected Facilities Management Projects A-13-97-02005 December 04, 1997
Payment Accuracy Task Force: Earnings Record Issue Team A-13-97-52003 September 22, 1997
Monitoring Representative Payee Performance: Management and Staff Survey A-09-96-64212 February 28, 1997
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