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Published Reports from the Office of Audit - page 21

Title Number Report Issued
Controls over Single Payment System Payments A-02-09-29123 September 30, 2010
Training Expenditures at the Social Security Administration A-05-10-10118 September 30, 2010
The Social Security Administration's Cost Estimates for the Consent Based Social Security Number Verification Program A-03-10-21060 September 30, 2010
Administrative Costs Claimed by the Kansas Disability Determination Services A-07-09-19093 September 28, 2010
The Social Security Administration's Process for Identifying and Preventing Improper Payments to Individuals Who Return to Work A-01-11-21043 September 28, 2010
The Social Security Administration's Risk of Making Payments to Persons Who Commit, Threaten to Commit, or Support Terrorism A-08-10-20131 September 27, 2010
Economic Recovery Payments for Social Security and Supplemental Security Income Beneficiaries A-09-10-11017 September 24, 2010
Safe Haven, A Fee-for-Service Representative Payee for the Social Security Administration A-07-10-21062 September 21, 2010
Delivery Order with Softmart Government Services, Inc., for Microsoft Licensing and Maintenance A-06-10-11019 September 17, 2010
Political Appointees' Role in the Social Security Administration's Freedom of Information Act Requests A-15-10-20185 September 17, 2010
Contract Audit of Hewlett Packard A-04-10-11012 September 15, 2010
The Social Security Administration's Use of Limitation on Administrative Expenses Funds A-15-10-21085 September 01, 2010
Supplemental Security Income Overpayment Notices Not Sent A-01-09-19037 August 30, 2010
The Social Security Administration's Hiring Under the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009 A-12-10-11050 August 30, 2010
The Social Security Administration’s Response to Congressional Inquiry Concerning New Data Center Site Selection (Limited Distribution) A-14-10-20170 August 27, 2010
Social Security Administration Computer Equipment Purchased with American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009 Funds A-04-10-21029 August 20, 2010
Disability Impairments on Cases Most Frequently Denied by Disability Determination Services and Subsequently Allowed by Administrative Law Judges A-07-09-19083 August 20, 2010
Benefits Payable to Child Beneficiaries Who No Longer Need Representative Payees A-09-09-29116 August 20, 2010
The Social Security Administration's Disaster Preparedness (Limited Distribution) A-14-10-20116 August 13, 2010
Performance Indicator Audit - Environmental Management System A-15-10-11072 August 11, 2010
Compassionate Allowance Initiative A-01-10-21080 August 06, 2010
Contractors' Reporting of Jobs Created Using American Recovery and Reinvestment Act Dollars A-15-10-21096 July 28, 2010
Administrative Leave Use A-06-09-29133 July 23, 2010
The Social Security Administration's Second Support Center Disaster Recovery Capability (Limited Distribution) A-14-10-30110 July 22, 2010
Kindergarten Through 12th Grade Schools' Collection and Use of Social Security Numbers A-08-10-11057 July 22, 2010
CESSI, Division of Axiom Resource Management, Inc., Indirect Cost Rate Proposals for Fiscal Years 2007 and 2008 (Limited Distribution) A-15-10-21088 July 16, 2010
Disability Insurance and Supplemental Security Income Claims Approved in 2006 But Not Paid A-01-10-11009 July 16, 2010
Office of Disability Adjudication and Review Hearing Request Dismissals A-07-10-21049 July 14, 2010
Retroactive Title II Payments to Released Prisoners A-06-08-38081 July 14, 2010
The Social Security Administration's Disability Programs and Changes in Society A-01-09-19028 July 14, 2010
The Office of Disability Adjudication and Review's 2013 Pending Hearings Backlog Plan A-12-10-20114 July 14, 2010
Follow-up of Pending Workers’ Compensation A-08-09-19167 July 12, 2010
Homeless Outreach Projects and Evaluation Demonstration Project A-03-09-19073 July 02, 2010
Follow-up: The Social Security Administration's Controls over the Old-Age, Survivors and Disability Insurance Overpayment Waiver Approval Process A-13-09-19040 July 01, 2010
Administrative Costs Claimed by the Florida Division of Disability Determinations A-15-10-11051 June 28, 2010
Manual Computations of Supplemental Security Income Payments A-07-09-19060 June 25, 2010
The Social Security Administration's Post-Implementation Review Process A-14-10-30105 June 22, 2010
Representative Payees Reporting Criminal Convictions A-13-09-19145 June 17, 2010
Benefit Payments Managed by Representative Payees of Children in Foster Care A-13-07-17137 June 17, 2010
2010 Cost-of-Living Adjustment Notices with Incorrect Payment Dates A-02-10-20107 June 17, 2010
Single Audit of the State of Ohio for the Fiscal Year Ended June 30, 2008 A-77-10-00012 June 17, 2010
Single Audit of the Michigan Department of Human Services for the 2-Year Period Ending September 30, 2008 A-77-10-00011 June 17, 2010
Organizational Representative Payee in Ohio A-05-08-48109 June 17, 2010
Controls over the Flexiplace Program and Personally Identifiable Information at Hearing Offices A-08-09-19079 June 09, 2010
Disability Determination Services Medical Consultant Assessments A-01-10-11007 May 28, 2010
The Social Security Administration's Oversight of Employer Representative Payees A-13-10-20125 May 28, 2010
Martinez Settlement Benefits Withheld Under the No Social Security Benefits for Prisoners Act of 2009 A-01-10-20112 May 28, 2010
Trust Fund Projections A-15-10-20134 May 26, 2010
Mission-Critical Occupation Core Competencies A-13-08-28099 May 26, 2010
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