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Major Management and Performance Challenges

The Office of the Inspector General issues an annual report on the Social Security Administration’s major management and performance challenges

In Fiscal Year 2023, we identified the following management and performance challenges:

  • Manage Human Capital: The Social Security Administration (SSA) must design and implement adequate plans to hire, develop, and retain the employees it needs to meet its mission, address its workloads, and provide the high level of customer service thepublic expects and deserves.
  • Improve Service Delivery: SSA needs to address and improve in-office visits and other service methods, such as telephone and online services.
  • Protect the Confidentiality, Integrity, and Availability of SSA’s Information Systems and Data: SSA must ensure its information systems are secure and sensitive data are protected.
  • Modernize Information Technology: SSA must continue modernizing its information technology to accomplish its mission despite budget and resource constraints.
  • Improve Administration of the Disability Programs: SSA needs to address concerns related to the timely and accurate processing of disability-related workloads, particularly initial disability claims, reconsiderations, hearings, and continuing disability reviews. Additionally, SSA must work to ensure state disability determination services have the necessary resources, including sufficient staff, to provide time and accurate disability determinations.
  • Improve the Prevention, Detection, and Recovery of Improper Payments: SSA must be a responsible steward of the funds entrusted to its care by minimizing the risk of making improper payments and recovering overpayments when they occur.

The Social Security Administration’s Major Management and Performance Challenges During Fiscal Year 2023

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