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Audit Reports

Improve the Prevention, Detection, and Recovery of Improper Payments

SSA estimates, in FY 2020, it will pay approximately $1 trillion in Old-Age, Survivors and Disability Insurance benefits to 65 million beneficiaries and $60 billion in Supplemental Security Income payments to 8 million recipients. In addition, SSA expects to process 8.7 million OASDI and SSI initial claims; 285 million earnings items posted to workers’ records; and 17 million new and replacement Social Security number (SSN) cards.

SSA’s mission is to deliver Social Security services that meet the public’s changing needs. The Agency expects more people to take advantage of the convenience of online services as service options and functionality are expanded. In FY 2020, SSA expects the public will conduct over 211 million transactions online.

Our Audit reports may contain sensitive and confidential information requiring safeguarding or limited disclosure consistent with law, regulations and Government-wide policies. Previously, we limited the distribution of reports containing this type of information. We now redact that specific information to allow maximum distribution of all reports.

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