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Published Reports from the Office of Audit - page 25

Title Number Report Issued
Individuals Withdrawing Title II Benefit Applications A-05-08-28110 September 30, 2008
Administrative Costs Claimed by the New Mexico Disability Determination Services A-06-08-18034 September 29, 2008
Social Security Number Misuse for Work and the Impact on the Social Security Administration's Master Earnings File A-03-07-27152 September 29, 2008
Hearing Office Remand Processing A-12-08-28036 September 29, 2008
The Social Security Administration's Contract with Unified Consultants Group, Inc., Contract Number SS00-05-60015 A-15-08-18033 September 26, 2008
Single Audit of the State of Iowa for the Fiscal Year Ended June 30, 2007 A-77-08-00013 September 26, 2008
The Social Security Administration's Computation of Delayed Retirement Credits A-09-07-17135 September 22, 2008
The Social Security Administration’s Use of Administrative Sanctions in the Old-Age, Survivors and Disability Insurance Program A-07-07-17052 September 19, 2008
Automated One-Time Payments A-06-08-18035 September 19, 2008
Fiscal Year 2008 Evaluation of the Social Security Administration's Compliance with the Federal Information Security Management Act A-14-08-18063 September 19, 2008
Administrative Wage Garnishment A-13-08-28009 September 18, 2008
Risks Posed by Digital Photocopiers Used in Social Security Administration Offices A-06-08-28076 September 18, 2008
Social Security Administration Field Offices' Management of Allegations A-13-08-18030 September 15, 2008
Controls over the Social Security Administration’s Transit Subsidy Program A-02-08-18050 September 11, 2008
Dually Entitled Beneficiaries who are Subject to Government Pension Offset and the Windfall Elimination Provision A-09-07-27010 September 10, 2008
Controls Over the Social Security Administrations’ Celebrity File (Limited Distribution) A-08-08-28118 September 09, 2008
Accuracy of Title II Disability Insurance Benefit Triennial Redeterminations for 2006 A-04-07-17078 September 09, 2008
Help Group Services, Inc., a Fee-for-Service Representative Payee for the Social Security Administration A-04-08-28040 September 09, 2008
Status of Title II Installment Agreements A-02-08-18074 September 05, 2008
The Social Security Administration's Enterprise-Wide Infrastructure Contract A-14-08-18014 September 02, 2008
Hawaii Department of Human Services - An Organizational Representative Payee for the Social Security Administration A-09-08-28045 September 02, 2008
Individual Volume Representative Payee in Topeka, Kansas A-07-08-18039 August 28, 2008
The Social Security Administration's Implementation of Internet Protocol Version 6 A-14-08-18064 August 27, 2008
Effectiveness of the Social Security Statement in Correcting Earnings Records A-15-07-17089 August 27, 2008
Cherry Engineering Support Services, Inc., Indirect Cost Rate Proposal for Fiscal Year 2006 (Limited Distribution) A-15-08-18086 August 21, 2008
Administrative Costs Claimed by the Georgia Disability Adjudication Services A-04-08-18013 August 20, 2008
Beneficiary and Recipient Use of “In Care of” Addresses A-06-08-18015 August 19, 2008
Social Security Cards Mailed to the Social Security Administration's Field Offices A-09-07-27154 August 19, 2008
Disability Determination Services Disability Decisions A-15-08-28114 August 14, 2008
Unprocessed Manual Recalculations for Title II Payments A-03-07-17090 August 14, 2008
Accuracy of Title II Disability Insurance Benefits Processed with Workers’ Compensation Settlements A-04-07-17059 August 13, 2008
Ticket to Work and Self-Sufficiency Program Cost Effectiveness A-02-07-17048 August 11, 2008
The Social Security Administration's Electronic Government Services A-14-08-28113 August 11, 2008
Administrative Law Judge and Hearing Office Performance A-07-08-28094 August 08, 2008
The Social Security Administration's Consulting Services Contract for the Time Allocation System A-14-08-18020 August 05, 2008
Evaluation of the Knowledge Management Website A-13-08-30117 July 31, 2008
Connecticut Department of Social Services' Request for Additional Funding A-15-08-28120 July 31, 2008
The Social Security Administration Field Offices’ Training of Staff A-13-08-18029 July 28, 2008
Supplemental Security Income Recipients with Excess Income and/or Resources A-01-08-18022 July 23, 2008
Performance Indicator Audit: Disability Determination Services Processing A-02-07-17131 July 11, 2008
Title II Benefits to Fugitive Felons and Probation or Parole Violators A-01-07-17039 July 02, 2008
Financial Institutions Deducting Fees and Garnishments From Social Security Benefits A-15-08-28031 July 02, 2008
Social Security Administration Payments Sent to Payday Loan Companies A-06-08-28112 June 24, 2008
Benefit Payments in Instances Where the Social Security Administration Removed a Death Entry from the Beneficiary's Record A-06-07-27156 June 19, 2008
Administrative Costs Claimed by the Nebraska Disability Determination Services A-07-07-17170 June 19, 2008
Follow-up: The Social Security Administration’s Processing of the Internal Revenue Service’s Overstated Wage Referrals A-03-07-17067 June 16, 2008
Timeliness of Medical Evidence at Hearing Offices A-05-08-28106 June 13, 2008
Underpayments Payable on Behalf of Terminated Title II Beneficiaries A-09-07-17160 June 09, 2008
Follow-up: The Social Security Administration’s Internal Use of Employees’ Social Security Numbers A-13-07-27164 June 09, 2008
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