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IG Report: Follow-up: Individuals Receiving Benefits Under Multiple SSNs at Different Addresses

January 13, 2012
January 13, 2012
Contact: (410) 965-2671
The Social Security Administration (SSA) has assessed approximately $2.9 million in overpayments to 46 beneficiaries who inappropriately received benefits under multiple Social Security Numbers (SSN) at different addresses, according to a review by SSA’s Office of the Inspector General (OIG).
In general, SSA assigns an individual only one SSN. However, in some cases, because of fraud or staff mistakes, the Agency has assigned individuals more than one SSN.
For example, a California resident obtained two different SSNs in 1959 and 1986. In August 1989, she began receiving disability benefits at one address under the first SSN. Using the other SSN and another address, she continued working and began receiving retirement benefits in January 2004. Based on the OIG’s referral, SSA determined this individual was not eligible for disability benefits and was overpaid $154,194 from April 1994 through June 2011.
Of the 46 beneficiaries overpaid approximately $2.9 million, 40 were investigated for possible fraud by the OIG’s Office of Investigations. Therefore, this review supports SSA’s Strategic Plan to collaborate with the OIG to reduce instances of fraud and pursue prosecution of individuals who harm its programs.
To view the full report, click here, or for additional information, contact the OIG's Office of External Relations at (410) 965-2671. Refer to Common Identification Number A-01-11-11145.
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