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Follow-up: Childhood Continuing Disability Reviews and Age 18 Redeterminations

September 23, 2011
September 23, 2011
Contact: (410) 965-2671
The Inspector General for the Social Security Administration (SSA) issued a report today that found that SSA had not completed all childhood continuing disability reviews (CDR) and age 18 redeterminations in a timely manner.  The Inspector General estimates that:
  • SSA paid about $1.4 billion in Supplemental Security Income (SSI) payments to approximately 513,300 children who would have been found ineligible based on a CDR.  SSA will continue paying about $461.6 million per year until these CDRs are completed.
  • SSA improperly paid about $5.7 million in SSI payments to approximately 5,100 recipients who did not have an age 18 redetermination completed by age 20.  Additionally, the Agency will continue to pay approximately $6.3 million annually until these reviews are completed. 
The Social Security Act requires SSA to (1) perform CDRs at least every three years on all children under age 18 whose impairments are likely to improve and (2) redetermine, within one year of the individual’s 18th birthday, his or her eligibility for SSI under adult disability criteria. 
CDRs and redeterminations are key activities in ensuring the integrity of the SSI program, and maintaining and improving payment accuracy.  By conducting these reviews timely, SSA can identify recipients who are no longer eligible to receive payments, thus protecting taxpayer dollars.
In response to our report, SSA agreed to conduct childhood CDRs and age 18 redeterminations as its budget and other priority workloads will allow.
To view the full report, click here, or for additional information, contact the OIG's Office of External Relations at (410) 965-2671.  Refer to Common Identification Number A‑01‑11‑11118.


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