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Published Reports from the Office of Audit - page 30

Title Number Report Issued
The Social Security Administration's Service Delivery to Individuals and Beneficiaries Affected by Hurricanes Katrina and Rita A-06-06-26072 September 11, 2006
Physical Security at the Mid-America Program Service Center (Limited Distribution) A-07-06-16095 September 11, 2006
Follow-up Review of Controls over Supplemental Security Income Replacement Checks A-05-06-26058 September 06, 2006
Prisoners' Access to Social Security Numbers A-08-06-16082 August 23, 2006
The Social Security Administration’s Controls over the Assignment of Nonwork Social Security Numbers A-04-06-16052 August 18, 2006
Improperly Paid Lump-Sum Death Payments A-08-05-25145 August 18, 2006
Restitution of Misused Funds to Beneficiaries Under Public Law 108-203 A-09-05-15139 August 17, 2006
Beneficiaries Paid Under More than One Social Security Number A-01-06-26022 August 10, 2006
Physical Security at Remote Hearing Sites in Region IX (Limited Distribution) A-09-06-16077 August 10, 2006
Benefits Paid to Dually Entitled Title II Beneficiaries A-01-06-26004 August 07, 2006
Physical Security at Remote Hearing Sites in Region X (Limited Distribution) A-09-06-16078 August 07, 2006
Digital Recording Acquisition Project (Limited Distribution) A-12-06-26048 August 07, 2006
Case Management Procedures at the Hearing Office in Creve Coeur, Missouri (Limited Distribution) A-07-06-26060 August 02, 2006
Physical Security at the Great Lakes Program Service Center (Limited Distribution) A-05-06-16079 July 31, 2006
Compliance with Employment Evidence Requirements for F-1 Students A-08-06-16075 July 20, 2006
The Social Security Administration’s Program for Issuing Replacement Social Security Cards to Prisoners A-08-06-16025 July 13, 2006
Physical Security at the Northeastern Program Service Center (Limited Distribution) A-02-06-16080 July 13, 2006
Physical Security at Remote Hearing Sites in Region VII (Limited Distribution) A-07-06-16081 June 29, 2006
Self-Employment Income Earnings Suspense File A-03-05-25038 June 27, 2006
Supplemental Security Income Overpayments to Recipients in Title XIX Institutions A-08-06-16024 June 26, 2006
Follow-up Audit: Information System Controls of the Social Security Administration's Representative Payee System A-14-06-16114 June 26, 2006
Employers with the Most Wage Items in the Nonwork Alien File A-08-05-15138 June 19, 2006
Implementation of Workers’ Compensation in Title II Redesign Release 3 A-14-06-16049 June 15, 2006
Case Processing and Management System and Workload Management A-12-06-26012 June 15, 2006
Physical Security at Remote Hearing Sites in Region IV (Limited Distribution) A-04-06-16074 June 15, 2006
Match of Veterans Affairs' Historical Death File against the Social Security Administration's Benefit Rolls A-01-05-35086 June 14, 2006
Administrative Costs Claimed by the Indiana Disability Determination Bureau A-05-05-15135 June 12, 2006
Physical Security at Remote Hearing Sites in Region III (Limited Distribution) A-03-06-16044 June 08, 2006
MAXIMUS' Indirect Cost Rates for Fiscal Years 2000 and 2001 (Limited Distribution) A-15-06-16018 June 06, 2006
Scott County Community Services Department, A Fee-for-Service Representative Payee for the Social Security Administration A-07-06-16040 June 05, 2006
Payments to Surviving Spouses at Retirement Age A-09-05-15143 June 05, 2006
Demonstration Project for Non-Attorney Representatives A-12-06-16013 June 05, 2006
Controls Over Old-Age, Survivors, and Disability Insurance Replacement Checks A-02-05-15080 May 31, 2006
Survivor Beneficiaries Enumerated After the Wage Earner's Death A-06-05-25136 May 23, 2006
Administrative Costs Claimed by the Virginia Disability Determination Services A-13-05-15134 May 19, 2006
Physical Security at Remote Hearing Sites in Region VI (Limited Distribution) A-06-06-16076 May 19, 2006
Beneficiaries in Suspended Payment Status Pending the Selection of a Representative Payee A-09-05-25020 May 18, 2006
Physical Security at Remote Hearing Sites in Region V (Limited Distribution) A-05-06-16063 May 18, 2006
Physical Security at Remote Hearing Sites in Region II (Limited Distribution) A-02-06-16064 May 18, 2006
Impact of Statutory Benefit Continuation on Supplemental Security Income Payments Made During the Appeals Process A-07-05-15095 May 10, 2006
Disposal of Sensitive Documents at the Social Security Administration (Limited Distribution) A-15-06-26014 May 10, 2006
Physical Security at Remote Hearing Sites in Region VIII (Limited Distribution) A-12-06-16045 April 27, 2006
Follow-up of the Enumeration at Birth Program A-08-06-26003 April 27, 2006
Physical Security at Remote Hearing Sites in Region I (Limited Distribution) A-01-06-15067 April 21, 2006
Representative Payee Onsite Reviews of State Institutions A-09-06-26010 April 20, 2006
Payments Resulting from Disability Insurance Actions Processed via the Social Security Administration's Manual Adjustment, Credit and Award Processes A-04-05-15042 April 20, 2006
Concurrent Title II and Title XVI Beneficiaries Receiving Representative Payee and Direct Payments A-09-05-15144 April 12, 2006
Overpayments in the Social Security Administration's Disability Programs A-01-04-24065 April 03, 2006
Single Audit of the Michigan Department of Human Services for the 2-Year Period Ended September 30, 2004 A-77-06-00010 March 27, 2006
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