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Published Reports from the Office of Audit - page 18

Title Number Report Issued
Collection, Use, and Disclosure of Social Security Numbers in States’ Newborn Screening Programs A-08-11-11181 November 28, 2011
Follow-up: The Social Security Administration's Program for Issuing Replacement Social Security Cards to Prisoners A-08-10-10141 November 23, 2011
Old-Age, Survivors and Disability Insurance Benefits Withheld Pending Supplemental Security Income Windfall Offset A-09-11-11130 November 21, 2011
Fiscal Year 2011 Evaluation of the Social Security Administration's Compliance with the Federal Information Security Management Act of 2002 A-14-11-01134 November 14, 2011
Old-Age, Survivors and Disability Insurance Benefits Affected by State or Local Government Pensions A-13-10-10143 November 09, 2011
Fiscal Year 2011 Financial Statement Audit Oversight A-15-11-11177 November 07, 2011
Follow-up: Physical Security at the Office of Disability Adjudication and Review’s Headquarters Building (Limited Distribution) A-12-11-21190 November 04, 2011
Fical Year 2011 Inspector General Statement on the Social Security Administration’s Major Management and Performance Challenges A-02-12-11231 November 04, 2011
The Social Security Administration's Limitation on Administrative Expenses Appropriation's Transfer Authority A-15-11-01117 October 31, 2011
The Social Security Administration’s Electronic Services A-14-11-11112 October 28, 2011
The Social Security Administration’s Agency-wide Support Services Contract with Lockheed Martin A-14-10-11004 October 28, 2011
Controls for the Annual Wage Reporting Process (Limited Distribution) A-03-11-21162 October 18, 2011
The Social Security Administration’s eAuthentication Process A-14-11-11115 October 14, 2011
Follow-up: Individuals Receiving Benefits Inappropriately Under Multiple Social Security Numbers at the Same Address A-01-10-11008 October 14, 2011
Recovery Act Exchange Contract with Lovelace Clinic Foundation – Contract SS00-10-60030 A-15-11-11157 October 13, 2011
The Social Security Administration’s Recovery Act-funded Contract with International Business Machines, Inc., Blanket Purchase Agreement SS00-08-40004, Call Order 51 A-15-11-11113 October 13, 2011
Training of New Administrative Law Judges at the Office of Disability Adjudication and Review A-12-11-11126 October 13, 2011
Health Information Technology Provided by Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center and MedVirginia A-01-11-11117 October 13, 2011
Administrative Costs Claimed by the Maine Disability Determination Services A-01-11-11109 October 12, 2011
MAXIMUS’ Incurred Cost Proposals for Fiscal Years 2004 and 2005 (Limited Distribution) A-15-11-21129 October 11, 2011
Accuracy of Title II Survivors Benefit Transactions Greater Than $30,000 Processed Through the Manual Adjustment, Credit and Award Process System A-04-10-10119 October 11, 2011
AHTNA Engineering Services, LLC, Contract Number SS00-07-60063 A-07-11-11140 October 04, 2011
The Social Security Administration’s Plan to Reduce Improper Payments Under Executive Order 13520, as Reported in March 2011 A-15-11-01126 September 28, 2011
Employee Retirement Income Security Act Related Notices A-13-11-01141 September 26, 2011
Follow-up: Childhood Continuing Disability Reviews and Age 18 Redeterminations A-01-11-11118 September 23, 2011
Administrative Costs Claimed by the Ohio Division of Disability Determination A-05-09-19127 September 16, 2011
Contract with Dell Marketing, L.P., for Microsoft Licensing and Maintenance A-06-10-10175 September 15, 2011
The Social Security Administration’s Use of the Limitation on Administrative Expenses Appropriation A-15-11-21170 September 14, 2011
Social Security Administration Field Office User Fees A-04-11-01118 September 09, 2011
H-1B Workers’ Use of Social Security Numbers A-08-11-11114 September 07, 2011
The Social Security Administration’s Simplified Disability Internet Application A-14-11-21137 September 06, 2011
Follow-up: Survivor Benefits Paid in Instances When the Social Security Administration Removed the Death Entry from a Primary Wage Earner’s Record A-06-10-20135 September 01, 2011
Electronic Services for Claimant Representatives A-05-11-01124 August 22, 2011
Collection of Civil Monetary Penalties A-06-11-11136 August 12, 2011
Work Incentive Planning and Assistance Project A-03-10-11054 August 11, 2011
South Dakota Disability Determination Services’ Administrative Cost Reporting A-06-11-11153 August 04, 2011
Representative Video Project A-05-09-19101 August 04, 2011
Senior Attorney Adjudicator Program A-12-10-11018 July 29, 2011
The Social Security Administration’s Customer Service Delivery Plan A-07-11-01125 July 29, 2011
The Social Security Administration’s Managing and Monitoring of Local Profiles A-14-10-20106 July 13, 2011
Supplemental Security Income Overpayments to Recipients in Title XIX Institutions A-08-10-10138 July 11, 2011
The Effects of the Electronic Claims Analysis Tool A-01-11-21193 July 07, 2011
Single Audit of the Commonwealth of Puerto Rico Department of the Family for the Fiscal Year Ended June 30, 2009 A-77-11-00013 July 06, 2011
Safe Harbor, A Fee-for-Service Representative Payee for the Social Security Administration A-07-11-11141 July 05, 2011
The Office of Disability Adjudication and Review's Hearings Backlog and Processing Times A-12-11-21192 June 29, 2011
Applicant Experiences with Disability Insurance Benefit Internet Claim Applications A-07-10-20176 June 28, 2011
Administrative Costs Claimed by the Nevada Disability Determination Services A-09-10-11090 June 27, 2011
Disability Insurance and Supplemental Security Income Claims Allowed But Not Paid A-01-10-10177 June 20, 2011
Aged Beneficiaries Whose Benefits Have Been Suspended for Address or Whereabouts Unknown A-09-09-29117 June 17, 2011
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