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Published Reports from the Office of Audit - page 12

Title Number Report Issued
Using Medicare Data to Identify Disabled Individuals Who Are Deceased A-08-13-13038 April 07, 2015
Payments to Individuals Confined in Special Commitment Centers A-06-14-14087 April 07, 2015
Qualifying for Disability Benefits in Puerto Rico Based on an Inability to Speak English A-12-13-13062 April 03, 2015
Payments Deposited into Bank Accounts After Beneficiaries Are Deceased A-02-13-13052 March 11, 2015
Follow-up: Collection of Civil Monetary Penalties A-06-14-14047 March 10, 2015
Numberholders Age 112 or Older Who Did Not Have a Death Entry on the Numident A-06-14-34030 March 04, 2015
Payments to Terminated or Non-selected Representative Payees A-09-13-23071 February 18, 2015
Excess Withholding of Government Pension Offset A-09-14-14052 February 03, 2015
The Social Security Administration’s Pre-release Procedures of Institutionalized Individuals A-02-14-24085 February 03, 2015
Disabled Beneficiaries Who Are Eligible for Higher Retirement Benefits A-09-13-23054 January 30, 2015
The Social Security Administration’s Interim Assistance Reimbursement Program A-13-13-13035 January 30, 2015
Performance Indicator Audit: Minimize Average Wait Time for Initial Disability Claims A-07-14-24004 January 30, 2015
Self-employment Earnings Removed from the Master Earnings File (Limited Distribution) A-06-12-12123 January 30, 2015
Fiscal Year 2014 Risk Assessment of the Social Security Administration’s Charge Card Programs A-13-15-50002 January 29, 2015
The Social Security Administration’s Rehired Annuitants A-13-15-25018 January 12, 2015
The Social Security Administration’s Use of Hurricane Sandy Relief Funds A-15-14-14040 January 08, 2015
The Social Security Administration’s Fiscal Year 2004 Through 2013 Accounts Receivable Balances A-15-14-24133 January 05, 2015
The Social Security Administration’s Reporting of High-dollar Overpayments Under Executive Order 13520 in Fiscal Year 2014 A-15-14-14123 December 31, 2014
The Social Security Administration’s Cloud Computing Environment A-14-14-24081 December 17, 2014
Underpayments Payable to Terminated Title II Beneficiaries A-09-13-23099 December 17, 2014
Payments to Student Beneficiaries A-09-13-13059 December 15, 2014
The Social Security Administration’s Access to Financial Institutions Program (Limited Distribution) A-01-13-13069 December 05, 2014
The Social Security Administration’s Prisoner Incentive Payment Program A-01-14-24100 December 03, 2014
Disability Insurance Trust Fund A-15-15-15024 December 01, 2014
The Social Security Administration’s Field Office Benefit Verification Process A-04-14-24136 December 01, 2014
Individuals with Multiple Social Security Numbers that Were Not Cross-referenced in the Social Security Administration’s Systems A-02-14-34054 November 25, 2014
Administrative Law Judges with Both High Dispositions and High Allowance Rates A-12-14-24092 November 14, 2014
The Social Security Administration’s Disability Case Processing System A-14-15-15016 November 13, 2014
Social Security Administration Conference Expenditures in Fiscal Year 2013 A-05-14-24070 November 13, 2014
The Social Security Administration's Financial Report for Fiscal Year 2014 A-15-14-14084 November 10, 2014
Fiscal Year 2014 Inspector General Statement on the Social Security Administration’s Major Management and Performance Challenges A-02-15-15038 November 10, 2014
The Social Security Administration’s Compliance with the Federal Information Security Management Act of 2002 for Fiscal Year 2014 A-14-14-24083 October 31, 2014
The Social Security Administration’s Plan to Reduce Improper Payments Under Executive Order 13520, as Reported in April 2014 A-15-14-14127 September 29, 2014
Effectiveness of the Social Security Administration’s Server Patch Management Process (Limited Distribution) A-14-14-14043 September 29, 2014
Controls over Claimant Representative Fee Petition Payments A-05-13-13061 September 29, 2014
Auxiliary Beneficiaries Who Do Not Have Their Own Social Security Number A-01-14-14036 September 29, 2014
Contractor Access to Social Security Administration Data (Limited Distribution) A-15-13-13092 September 26, 2014
Mobile Device Security A-14-14-14051 September 26, 2014
Performance Indicator Audit - Recruiting and Employment Indicators A-13-14-14033 September 26, 2014
The Social Security Administration’s Affordable Care Act – Health Insurance Exchange Social Security Number Verification Process (Limited Distribution) A-08-14-14060 August 28, 2014
Payment Accuracy of Dually Entitled Title II Beneficiaries A-04-13-13014 August 27, 2014
Representative Payees and Beneficiaries Who Were Residing in Different States A-02-14-14044 August 27, 2014
Accrued Benefits Payable on Behalf of Deceased Beneficiaries A-09-14-14034 August 20, 2014
The Social Security Administration’s Completion of Program Integrity Workloads A-07-14-24071 August 18, 2014
Information Technology Service Contract with Booz Allen Hamilton, Inc. A-14-13-13009 August 14, 2014
Benefit Payments Managed by Representative Payees of Children in California’s Foster Care Program A-13-13-23029 August 14, 2014
Payments to Individuals with Deaths Reported in California from 1980 to 1987 A-06-14-21416 August 14, 2014
Single Audit of the State of New Jersey for the Fiscal Year Ended June 30, 2013 A-77-14-00017 August 07, 2014
The Social Security Administration’s Reduction in Field Office Operating Hours A-01-14-14039 August 07, 2014
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