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Payments to Individuals Confined in Special Commitment Centers

April 08, 2015

Office Affiliation: The Office of Audit

Audit Report Number: A-06-14-14087

Federal law requires that the Social Security Administration (SSA) suspend payments to certain individuals who are in institutions as sexually dangerous persons. These provisions became effective in December 1999.

A 2012 OIG investigation identified 14 sexual predators who inappropriately received more than $500,000 in SSA payments while confined in a Washington State SCC. The investigation identified 23 additional SCCs nationwide.

In April and May 2014, we reached out to officials at the 23 SCCs to request they provide information on the sexual predators involuntarily confined in their facilities. Officials at eight facilities provided us the names, Social Security numbers, and confinement dates of the individuals in their custody.

Our audit determines whether individuals improperly received payments while involuntarily confined in Special Commitment Centers (SCC).

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