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Representative Payee Selections Pending in the Representative Payee System

February 28, 2014

Our objective was to determine whether the Social Security Administration properly resolved representative payee selections that were pending in its Representative Payee System (RPS).

SSA employees use RPS to take and process representative payee applications. When SSA selects a representative payee and updates the Master Beneficiary and Supplemental Security Records with this information, it is compared with information in RPS. If the payee selection could not be processed or the information does not match, the representative payee selection remains in a pending status. SSA’s automated system then generates an alert every 30 days to remind field office employees to take manual action to resolve the discrepancy.

SSA conducts an annual clean-up operation for representative payee selections that are pending in RPS. The cleanup is designed to move pending representative payee selections to an active or non-active status, when appropriate. Read the full report

Read the summary report

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