Immediate Office of the Inspector General

Senior Staff

Gail S. Ennis

Inspector General

Benjamin Alpert

Acting Deputy Inspector General

Steven L. Schaeffer

Chief of Staff

Amy M. Smith

Executive Officer

Walter E. Bayer

Congressional and Intragovernmental Liaison

Michael D. Robinson

Senior Advisor to the Inspector General for Law Enforcement

The Immediate Office of the Inspector General (IO) provides the Inspector General with staff assistance on the full range of his/her responsibilities. IO staff provides liaison with all agencies sharing common interests with the OIG and ensures coordination with congressional committees, SSA, the Social Security Advisory Board, and the Council of Inspectors General on Integrity and Efficiency.

IO includes the Office of Quality Assurance and Professional Responsibility (OQAPR), which performs two critical functions. First, it conducts exhaustive reviews of each of the OIG’s component offices to ensure compliance with Federal laws and regulations, Agency policies, and relevant professional standards. Second, OQAPR conducts thorough and timely investigations into allegations of misconduct by OIG employees.

IO staff also develops and maintains relationships with Members of Congress, conducting dialogue and participating in negotiations on highly sensitive matters with elected officials and their staffs. IO staff also develops legislative histories, researching, gathering, and disseminating information on Congressional activities affecting OIG programs and operations.