What Can You Do if You Believe an SSA Official Retaliated against You?

If you believe that an SSA official has retaliated against you because of your whistleblowing, you can: 

  • File a complaint with OSC, which may seek corrective and disciplinary action when warranted [see the following link for more information on how OSC can remedy retaliation for whistleblowing:  http://www.osc.gov/pppNext3.htm - See also OSC Information
  • File a union grievance; - See also CBA Information; or 
  • If you have been subject to a significant personnel action (that is otherwise appealable to the MSPB, such as a removal, demotion, and suspension longer than 14 days), you can file an appeal with the U.S. Merit Systems Protection MSPB and assert whistleblower retaliation as a defense. - See also MSPB Information

Note:  An employee may choose only one of these three options when appealing a significant personnel action.

Other Potential Options

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