Transcript: How to Report Suspected Social Security Fraud

Welcome to the Office of the Inspector General's website. If you think you're the victim of Identity Theft, you need to report that immediately to your local Police Department, the major Credit Bureaus and also the Federal Trade Commission. Do not report that to us. You can Click "Report Identity Theft" in the center of our web page, that will take you to the Federal Trade Commission's Identity Theft website. They are the national clearinghouse for Identity Theft allegations.

However, if you believe someone is committing fraud against Social Security or you wish to report waste or abuse in Social Security Programs, we've made the process safe, easy and confidential, just click on Report Fraud, that takes you to a secure electronic form. On the form, you should give us all the information you have so we can investigate further. You may choose to remain anonymous. However, if you do, we might not be able to complete a full and accurate investigation. Remember, your report is confidential.

We conduct the investigation in strict privacy, too, that means while we're investigating your fraud report, we won't be able to provide you with any information. We take reports in a variety of areas, disability fraud, supplemental security income fraud, misuse of benefits and false statements relating to claims.

Please also report the misuse of a social security number or if it is linked to terrorist activity. In addition, report misconduct by social security employees or by contractors doing business with the Social Security Administration. Remember to provide us with as much detail as you can, because that will help us investigate your report.

If you're ready, click on "Report Fraud" and you'll be able to file your report in minutes.

Thanks for listening, and thank you for being a concerned citizen.