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Thursday, July 25, 2013
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The Office of External Relations

How are you reading this blog right now? Are you using a desktop computer, an iPad, or maybe even your phone while standing in line at the grocery store?

As of July 18, if you're on a mobile device, you'll see a site that’s much easier to navigate and find what you’re looking for. The mobile version of the OIG website is now live and ready to serve you.

The new “responsive design” mobile site automatically adjusts to provide the most user-friendly experience for whatever specific device you happen to be using—a Kindle Fire, an iPad, a Droid, and the list goes on. You can now more easily access OIG news and information without having to zoom and scroll endlessly.

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Click Here for a Video Demonstration of "Responsive Design"

Our new mobile site will also help you quickly access our Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube pages just by clicking on the links at the bottom of the page—they will open in the app on your device.

We hope easier mobile access to the valuable information on our website will encourage you to learn more about what our office does, and how you can help us ensure the integrity of Social Security programs and prevent fraud and waste of taxpayer money.

As most of you know, the OIG website underwent a major redesign that debuted in September 2011. We also moved to “the cloud” at the same time. Our effort to create a mobile site began last summer, right after President Obama issued this directive in May 2012, announcing a comprehensive Digital Government Strategy for Federal agencies to use as a roadmap in delivering 21st-century services to the American people.

The directive specifically encouraged Federal agencies to “deliver information in new ways that fully utilize the power and potential of mobile and web-based technologies.” This directive was a recognition that more and more people were making the switch from feature phones and desktops to smartphones and tablets.

This trend has continued over the past year—in May 2013, Nielsen released another report on the percentage of U.S. mobile subscribers using smartphones.  Since a February 2012 report, the percentage of smartphone users (vs. those with other types of mobile phones) jumped from 50 percent to 61 percent. That means that three out of every five mobile subscribers are using a smartphone.

Our website traffic parallels that growth—right now about 1 in 5 visitors to our website is using a mobile device—up from only 1 in 10 just one year ago—and the percentage goes up every month.

The constant evolution of technology means that government agencies must be vigilant in updating their services to provide the best possible user experience to the American public. For our office, the launch of our mobile site represents a key milestone in our effort to make our work more transparent, and better deliver our message to, and receive feedback from, you.

Please feel free to leave feedback on our mobile site in the comment section below—we are always refining the site and are happy to respond to specific concerns or problems. Happy surfing!