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Reporting Other Issues

Questions about Social Security Benefits

If you have questions about your Social Security account, requests for new or replacement Social Security number (SSN) cards, or issues involving the granting or denial of benefits, visit SSA ‘s website at

Medicare or Medicaid Fraud

If you want to report Medicare or Medicaid fraud, please contact the Department of Health and Human Services, Office of Inspector General at

Lost or Stolen Social Security Card

Our office does not investigate the loss or theft of personal property including wallets and purses containing personal identification. If your wallet or purse containing your Social Security card is stolen, contact your local police department to file a theft report. You should also contact SSA directly to request a replacement Social Security card.

Misuse of Social Security Numbers on Federal Tax Returns

If someone incorrectly listed your Social Security Number or your child’s Social Security Number on their tax return, or if the IRS has notified you that your refund cannot be processed because someone else has already used your Social Security Number on their tax return, you should contact the IRS at the phone number listed on the IRS notice, or visit the IRS ‘ Identity Protection website.

Identity Theft

If someone uses your Social Security number to obtain a job, credit, loans, telephone accounts, or other goods and services, contact the Federal Trade Commission (FTC). The FTC collects complaints about identity theft from those whose identities have been stolen.

Elder Abuse

For information on elder abuse and financial exploitation, including available resources and services, please visit the Department of Justice ‘s Elder Justice website at

Direct Express Account Fraud

Comerica Bank is the U.S. Department of the Treasury’s financial agent and is the issuer of the Direct Express Debit MasterCard card. Some people use this card to receive Social Security benefits and Supplemental Security Income. If you are a Direct Express debit card customer and suspect fraud related to your Direct Express card, call the Direct Express customer service number on the back of your debit card, or visit More information regarding the Direct Express program is available at

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