Grand Jury Indicts Three Texas Men in Social Security Disability Scam

Friday, March 22, 2013
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An Amarillo federal grand jury indicted three people Wednesday in a Social Security disability payment scam.

Ricki Dale Wilcox was indicted on two counts: Social Security fraud, aiding and abetting and theft from the government, aiding and abetting. Vada Wilcox and Belinda Kirby were indicted on one count each of theft from the government, aiding and abetting.

One indictment issued against Ricki Dale Wilcox alleges that he failed to disclose to the federal government that he was employed and was no longer eligible to receive Social Security disability payments.

The other indictments alleges that he, Vada Wilcox and Kirby illegally purloined Social Security disability payments valued at more than $1,000.