Indiana Nursing Home Operator Charged with Stealing Social Security from Residents

Wednesday, August 28, 2013
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Gracie Hathaway, first charged in May with abusing residents of her Tender Loving Care homes in the city, has a new case, filed Wednesday.

Already facing eight felony counts for battery, confinement and other misuse of her position as a private nursing home operator, Hathaway, 40, of 3333 Connecticut St., is now charged with stealing $3,600 from a resident. The investigation is continuing and includes agents from the Social Security office, based on allegations she stole Treasury checks from residents.

Police first became aware of the incidents at Hathaway’s homes when medics were summoned and found John Woodley, 60, critically ill, with cuts and bruises and a low body temperature. He died March 1.

Residents told police Hathaway and her boyfriend, Eldon Johnson, 43, who was also charged in May, used stun guns on the residents. They also complained of being hungry, locked in their rooms and unable to get needed medication.

In the newest case, Hathaway allegedly entered the room of James Conner, who was living at 4264 Tennessee St., and took four Social Security checks and cash he had wrapped up in a shirt. Conner told Sgt. Dan Callahan he did not endorse the checks and did not give them to Hathaway to cash.

He said she stole about $3,600 from him.

A woman who accompanied Hathaway when the checks were taken said Hathaway claimed Conner owed rent.

An arrest warrant has been issued and she will be held on $50,000 bond when apprehended.

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