The Social Security Administration's Reporting of High-dollar Overpayments Under Executive Order 13520 in Fiscal Year 2017

Thursday, December 21, 2017
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Audit Report
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Our objective was to review the Agency Head Quarterly High-dollar Overpayment Reports to the Office of the Inspector General, as required by Executive Order 13520, Reducing Improper Payments, for the quarters ended December 2016 and March, June, and September 2017. We also determined whether the (1) method used to identify high-dollar overpayments detected overpayments that met the Executive Order criteria and (2) Agency complied with all requirements of the Executive Order.

As part of Executive Order 13520, each agency head is required to submit a quarterly report on high-dollar overpayments identified by the agency. The report shall describe any actions the agency has taken, or plans to take, to recover high-dollar overpayments as well as any actions the agency intends to take to prevent overpayments from occurring in the future.