Supplemental Security Income High-error Profile Redeterminations

Monday, September 30, 2013
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Audit Report
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SSA has measures to help identify SSI recipients who have excess income and/or resources, such as periodically conducting redeterminations to determine whether recipients are still eligible for, and receiving, the correct SSI payments.

SSA conducts unscheduled redeterminations based on a recipient or couple’s reported changes in circumstances that may affect eligibility and payment amount. SSA selects automated redeterminations based on specific case characteristics. SSA identifies discretionary redeterminations each September when it runs an error profiling system that identifies the expected amount of SSI overpayment.

Recipients with the highest risk of likely overpayment are coded as Profile C. Profile C redeterminations efficiently identify overpayments. In this review, we determined whether SSA was effectively completing SSI high-error profile redeterminations.