The Work of the Office of the Inspector General

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Effects of the Senior Attorney Adjudicator Program on Hearing Workloads

Type: Audit Report
Issue: Reduce Disability Backlogs and Improve Decisional Quality
Date : Fri, 6/28/2013

The New OIG Website: Year One a Success, Thanks to You

Type: Blog Post
Date : Tue, 9/25/2012

From the Inspector General's Desk: 2012 In Review

Type: Blog Post
Date : Fri, 1/4/2013

From the Inspector General's Desk: Working for You, the Taxpayer

Type: Blog Post
Date : Tue, 6/5/2012

OIG Employees Recognized for Their Outstanding Contributions

Type: Blog Post
Date : Wed, 12/4/2013

Hearing on the Use of Data Matching to Improve Customer Service, Program Integrity, and Taxpayer Savings

Type: Congressional Testimony
Issue: Improve Customer Service
Date : Fri, 3/11/2011

Ensuring Success for the SSDI Program and Its Beneficiaries

Type: Congressional Testimony
Date : Wed, 11/4/2015

The Need to Enhance Privacy Protections for Individuals and Prevent SSN Misuse

Type: Congressional Testimony
Issue: Strengthen the Integrity and Protection of the Social Security Number
Date : Thu, 7/10/2003

Fraud and Abuse in the Supplemental Security Income Program

Type: Congressional Testimony
Issue: Reduce Improper Payments and Increase Overpayment Recoveries
Date : Thu, 7/25/2002

Joint Oversight Hearing on the Recovery Act Project to Replace the Social Security Administration's National Computer Center

Type: Congressional Testimony
Issue: Implement the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act Effectively and Efficiently
Date : Tue, 12/15/2009