Strengthen Strategic and Tactical Planning

SSA estimates that 80 million individuals, most from the baby boomer generation, will file for benefits over the next 20 years. The population applying for benefits will expect SSA to provide a greater number of services electronically. SSA realizes that it needs to rely more on technology not only to meet customer expectations, but to keep up with a rising workload.

As workloads rise, a greater proportion of SSA's workforce will become eligible to retire; in Fiscal Year 2015, 33 percent of SSA's employees will be eligible. While not every employee retires as soon as he or she is eligible to do so, SSA predicts that 28 to 36 percent of its workforce will retire over the next 10 years. Given the expectation of leaner future budgets, SSA needs to plan to meet its mission with fewer resources.

The following audit reports address SSA efforts to strengthen strategic and tactical planning.